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Elite Design LLC is a small family owned business located in rural Gaines, MI. It was born when we were approached by friends to sell some of our personal hand crafted models that we had built. I was able to use the technology from my 9-5 job to create some very custom,  and detailed models. I have been in the automotive design and engineering business for over 20 years, and use that experience, combined with my love for detailed modeling, to produce top shelf miniatures. In 2015 I purchased some equipment, and decided to start selling my designs publicly on a limited basis. Since then what started as a small hobby, and favors to friends, has steadily grown into Elite Design LLC. In 2016 my wife decided to give up her career to help scale up our production, as well as vertically integrate some of the items we were outsourcing. That quickly grew into a new business segment that has become successful on its own.


Do you offer 3D printing services?


While we are not a 3D print shop, and we do have the ability to print using both FDM printers, as well as professional rapid prototypeing equipment. Please contact us if there is a specific model you have that you would like printed and we would be happy to look at it.


How do I return an item?


Please send your item back to our mailing address, and include your invoice or receipt, and we will issue you a refund. Please contact us first to speed up your refund.


Do you do custom work?


YES! We love custom work, and the company was founded on unique one off models. Contact us to get the ball rolling, remember, the more infomation you have, the better your project will turn out. 


How long will it take to get my item?


Timing will depend on the complexity of the piece, and how backed up we are on custom work. Custom jobs take priority over stocking items because, well, thats what we enjoy.


How do you build your parts?


Most of our parts are started with a rapid prototype machine, then each one is hand finished. When you receive the part, it will require some light sanding, and painting and thats it. Our assembled kits come ready to display.

Will EDLLC own the rights to my custom job?


Normally yes. Unless there is an agreement made up front about exclusive rights to your design. Design time gets expensive, so by offering our products to a wider customer base we can reduce the cost of a single item. We do however offer exclusive design rights by request.


Will you do custom CAD work?


Yes we will do computer design work and sell all rights to the files and IP. Please contact us for details.


What are your delivery options?


We use the United States Post Office for most of our shipping.We will use a different carriour if requested, but it may increase your shipping rates.


Where are your products made?


While we are happy to ship to any country, we have a fair amount of homeland pride. We use as much American made machines and materials as possible, and our products are designed, made, and painted here in the shop, in Michigan, USA,


The item I want is out of stock, when will it be back?
If you are looking for an item that has been out of stock, send us an e-mail and we can normally build it for you in a few days. Sometimes we get tied up on new projects and do not keep our products stocked as well as we should.
Do you ship outside of the US?
Yes! We ship all over the globe. Please contact us before placing your order and we will quote you shippng to your door.
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